Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Meeting #1 - Makk Daddy

Makk Architects

Ok - so maybe the title doesn't make any sense. Considering that Makk Architects is run by a wonderful lady - LEE May Ann (& therefore not a "daddy" of any sort). Also the word association that comes with a "Mac-daddy" often involves pink feather boas - not something that we want associated with our new home.


OK - May Ann.

I first learnt about her when scouring the internet looking for the difference between solo-practitioners and boutique architectural firms. This article came up. We quite fancied the idea of working with a solo architect who would be dedicated to one project at a time. there wouldn't be distractions, and there weren't overheads like staff and rentals that she needed to be concerned with...

She was an absolute joy to speak to. She tried to understand what our requirements were, talked about our wish list and then shared her design philosophy. We were floored. WE REALLY LIKE HER! more importantly, we really like her designs.

The words "organic", "tropical" and "comfy" come to mind

My wife asked if I reckoned we could be friends after this build... I wasn't sure if we really needed to see another architect... but oh no - I've learnt better than that. MUST. DO. DUE. DILIGENCE. (damn you public service training)

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About May Ann

Having completed her formal architectural education in mid 1997 from National University of Singapore (NUS) with Honours, May Anne joined the then Housing and Development Board (HDB) in 1998 after doing almost half a year of back-packing and travelling to various countries. Her two and half years at HDB had built a firm and essential foundation on the reality of the professional practice. Moving from a large public sector architectural experience, she decided to join one of the largest architectural practices in the private sector - DP Architects in the year 2000, where she worked for about a year to gain an insight into how it differs from the public sector.

Argh - she even back-packs! what's not to like about an architect who has back-packed?

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